Psychological Support

Since the composition of the day program may include individuals with mental health support needs, we will incorporate several aspects of counseling opportunities. These opportunities will focus on the appropriate way to interact with others (i.e., fellow day program attendees, staff and visitors who come into the program, and others in the community).

Under the supervision of a licensed psychologist, the Behavior Consultant will provide as well as teach staff to implement the following services with the consumers: Work summary groups that provide a safe forum for individuals to express their concerns about the day program or work environment. Role-play situations that will take place both in the context of peer-groups and individually with day program staff. Role-plays will be designed with the goal of teaching alternative ways of dealing with conflicts with others, including fellow day program clients, staff, co-workers, and people in the community at large. Staff will work with clients to teach appropriate coping skills.

Role-play situations will also take place on an ongoing basis and will part of the individual’s ISP. The ultimate objective is for individuals to realize (internally) more appropriate ways to solve conflicts, advocate for themselves, and socially engage with others. This is also referred to as Social Skills Training. Individuals will be encouraged each day to sit with staff and discuss how their day went and address any issues that they may have that impact their ability to participate in vocational programming.