Job Descriptions

Direct Care Vocational Facilitators (DCVF) is responsible for assisting consumers with their participation in work, vocational, and leisure activities. They will greet consumers upon arrival at the facility in the morning, assist them to make choices for activities, and facilitate their inclusion/participation in these activities. They will also deliver reinforcement, praise, and encouragement for each consumer throughout the day.

Program Supervisors is responsible for supervising the DCVFs, organizing activity groups, arranging for transportation for consumers, and facilitating consumer transition from leisure/vocational activities.

Program Managers is responsible for supervising Program Supervisors, for coordinating with residential program managers, supported living staff, parents, and regional center. Program Managers will be responsible for job development and assisting consumers with receiving and securing their paychecks. Last, Program Managers will be responsible for coordination with consultants.

The Administrators is responsible for hiring and staff training, vocational, and leisure quality assurance. The Administrators will be responsible for supervision of the Program Managers, Program Supervisors, and of the DCVFs, Consultant procurement (e.g., Occupational Therapists).