About Us

Progressive Community and Vocational Services, LLC (PC&VS) is a dynamic partnership between two individuals (Hector Navarro BS in Psychology and John Lubbers Ph.D.) with a collective 30 plus years of rewarding experience working with individuals with developmental disabilities. Mr. Navarro has over 15 years of experience working with individuals with challenging behaviors Mr. Navarro has provided services for individuals from Metropolitan State Hospital and Fairview Developmental Center, as well as individuals with forensic involvement. In his experience, over the time that he has worked with clients with developmental disabilities, Mr. Navarro has continued to remain highly supportive of all of his client's endeavors.

Dr. Lubbers has over 15 years of personal experience working with individuals with developmental disabilities exhibiting severe behavior challenges. His experience includes consulting with residential care facilities, day programs, providing caregiver training. He has had the profound experience of working in a psychiatric facility for chronic, acute, mentally ill individuals, thus he is familiar with individuals with mental health support needs. Last, Dr. Lubbers has developed programs for intensive, comprehensive interventions for individuals with developmental disabilities assisting them with language development, social skills development, self-help skills, and positive replacement behaviors for many years.

Thus the education and experience brought by this partnership, we feel, will result in an innovative and progressive approach. Mr. Navarro has extensive experience with the population and most of the unique needs that members of this population have. Dr. Lubbers has extensive education in Applied Behavior Analysis and thus is exceptionally experienced and prepared to address the behavioral needs of the consumer population. It is our intention to "raise the Bar" in terms of the service provided.