Behavioral Support

To address behavioral challenges, our staff will utilize positive behavior support plans for our clients. The plans will be based on Functional Assessments of inappropriate behavior. The assessment will focus on determining the triggers, consequences, and functions of the inappropriate behavior and support the development of positive alternative behaviors. Expert advice will be gained from a consulting Board Certified Behavior Analyst or clinical psychologist. We will be seeking professional consultants to train and assist with clients who need support in the areas of anger management and substance abuse, if applicable, and any other area of need. We will focus on behavioral support.

The Consulting Board Certified Behavior Analyst will provide consultation to the day program to address behavioral challenges being exhibited by any of the clients. Clients will be enrolled in the program, observations will be made, and data will be collected. After the initial thirty days of placement, a Functional Assessment will be written. Based upon the information of the Functional Assessment, positive behavioral support strategies will be developed to reduce/eliminate and replace challenging behaviors. Ongoing staff intervention and assistance to the clients with their targeted behaviors is designed to break the negative cycle that prevents clients from successful and enriching community integration. Specific strategies will be designed to include antecedent interventions, acceptable replacement behaviors such as social skills training and/or self management techniques as well as differential reinforcement techniques.

The Behavior Analyst/Consultant will monitor each client’s progress via direct observation, review of data collection, and staff interview on a regular basis. The Behavior Analyst/Consultant will also provide ongoing staff training on supports, interventions and strategies that are designed to support each individual in meting his/her individual goals.